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Our Story

Our Story


What Makes us Kalamek?

There is an awakening taking place in the world of fashion where people are choosing quality over any other option. With better economic disposition, people are not hesitant of shelling out more money if it gets them the BEST APPAREL. At Kalamek Garments, we have perfected the artful process of turning fabric into aesthetically designed superior clothing. We are powered by a fully integrated garment manufacturing unit. Considered as one of India’s largest production house of shirts, Kalamek Garments is based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Since its inception in 2000, Mr Kantilal Goyal has been studying fashion trends and coming up with contemporary and stylish designs thus keeping up with the latest of fashion trends. Our commitment to quality does not end at just garments but extends to services & business dealings as well.

  • Founded in 2000 as a menswear brand, “Kivon” focused on providing progressive fashion to its customers.
  • The core belief of the brand is innovation and originality thereby giving its customers a product that is ‘different’.
  • Since its inception, Kivon has evolved from a brand that offered casual wear, formal wear strongest in the shirt; to one that now offers a range of shorts.
  • Currently, the brand is available in 850 LFS (Large Format Stores), 1250 MBO (Multi Brand Outlets) pan India & 12 countries.

What makes us Strong?

  • There are no knights in shining armours when it comes to running a business. A business is a collective effort. At Kalamek, we have assiduously built a pack of earnest, industrious & result-oriented personnel who don't shy away from going the extra mile when it comes to getting the job done without compromising quality.
  • With the strength of over 450 Direct and 550 Indirect employees and everything looked over by our 4 directors, we have been able to maintain our standards. Right from the creation of concept till the final dispatch, at every step, our directors ensure that only the best of shirts get to go forward for the customer to buy.


Our Strengths
We understand all your needs regarding apparels and make it a point to deliver exactly what you desire. Your wish is our command!
Experience & Expertise
We have been a major player in textile business since our inception and have experience of collaborating with the leading textile brands.
Competitive Pricing
The secret behind our unbeatable pricing is our access to affordable raw material and labour.
Capacity of Manufacturing
With the infrastructure we possess, we can manufacture up to 2,00,000 shirts per month.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the industry benchmark in the distribution of quality clothing and building a timeless brand that has its reach pan India. Apart from that, we also aim at establishing an international presence and providing uncompromising quality, matchless services and guaranteed customer satisfaction.

Our Mission

Our mission is to connect to maximum customers and suppliers by reaching our target of manufacturing 5 lakh shirts per month by 2025. We wish to witness a turnover of 250 crores in the next 5 years.


How We Work?

Our state-of-the-art machinery spins to weave our tale of success. We have adopted advanced technology and brought many talented & dedicated people to work with us. To cater to the strict quality requirements, we have added various contemporary machines that work faster and produce shirts better. There are separate floors that are dedicated to the different kinds of shirts we make.

Timely Delivery
Assured Quality